Character Creation



It’s been two generations (about 60 years) since the collapse of modern civilization.

Age and Health

Life is short, and very few people have survived to recall the time before the world fell. Those who have are often afflicted in some manner.


Mutants are common, and are not typically ostracized from the main settlements unless their mutations are such that they appear completely inhuman. Even a truly hideous mutant might be accepted if they pledge loyalty to the local leader and make themselves indispensable. Others might be accepted solely because they’re related to someone ‘important’ within a settlement or town.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with mutants, and naturally, non-mutated individuals have an easier time forming friendly relationships with strangers.

Vehicles & Mounts.

At this point in time, no one in the group starts out with a vehicle. However, it will be possible to obtain one (or find and repair one) through the course of the game.

The Genetically-Uplifted

As a product of military experimentation before the world fell, many animals were genetically-uplifted. Most of them originate from the old military outpost, Jeremiah, though many of them have split off from that location and formed packs or tribes of their own.

They tend to be dogs or wolfdog mixes, and were renowned for their loyalty and dedication as soldiers. And while dogs are the most common, there is a smaller population of other animals uplifted for specific purposes.

They are just as prone to mutations as the rest of the population. Mutated or not, the genetically uplifted are not well regarded by the human population.


No backgrounds from outside the map, please. You’re free to create a tribe or a homestead or trog enclave for which a character comes from, however, if you’re wanting some creative freedom.

Jeremiah is the only Remnant enclave on the island.

Character Creation

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